Objectives (Elementary Curriculum P1-S3) 學習目標

The subject target of English Language is for students to develop the capability to use English:

  • to think and communicate;
  • to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; and
  • to respond and give expression to experience;

and within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how language is organised, used and learnt.


  • 訓練思考及溝通能力。
  • 掌握、鞏固和應用語文基礎知識。
  • 述說及表達生活經驗、情感。
Lesson Arrangement 課堂安排

There are 3 lessons per week. Student placement is arranged by way of school-based assessment. Students in each key stage are placed into 4 groups each corresponding to their educational needs respectively, catering for learner diversity.


Characteristics in Practical English 科本特色

School-based Programme 校本課程

Thematic learning is adopted for all year levels in our school.  We integrate a wide range of teaching resources, so as to implement a fun, engaging and task-based activities in the curriculum.

  1. Publisher: Textbook
  2. Story books (online resources i.e. Reading Town , epic.com and other electronic teaching resources)
  3. School-based materials: Vocabulary Book(P.1-P.3), Nursery Song Book(P.1-P.3) , Copy Book(P.1-P.3), Phonics Worksheets, Reading Worksheets, Content Words Worksheets


  1. 校本教材
  2. 採用網上學習資源進行圖書教學
  3. 校本教材

English-rich Environment 豐富的英語語境

Bilingual signs and slogans are posted in various school areas to create a language-rich environment, so as to enable and motivate students to get familiar with and use English with visual aids.


English Activities - English Fun Day 英語活動日

Through various designated booth games, students can learn within an authentic and fun-filled environment. 


English Activities - After-school Drama Class 英語話劇
Students present our English drama performance in the school events yearly. 


Activities held by SCOLAR 語常會活動

  1. Rugby: Students are motivated by playing the games. They can also learn the basic rules and related information in English through various rugby activities .
  2. Story Quest: Students can enhance their vocabulary skills and comprehensive power by taking part in presenting a story confidently.

  1. 透過欖球活動,讓學生從實踐中學習相關的英文生字及與人合作的技巧。
  2. 學生透過說故事學習新的英文字詞,從而提升其英語理解能力。

Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 香港學校朗誦節

We offer an opportunity for students to develop their potential and confidence in public speaking.


Joint School Activity 聯校活動

Students attend the American Funfair held by Lutheran Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College to broaden their knowledge and experiences.

透過參加香港路德會馬陳端喜紀念中學舉辦的「美國文化嘉年華 2019」讓學生認識美國文化。